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Important Dates

Little League Playoff Schedule

4 pm 7/21: 1) Range Steel 10 v. 4) Park State Bank 7 F

6 pm 7/21: 2) Lions Club v. 3) Ford of Hibbing 0 F

4 pm 7/22: Ford of Hibbing v. Park State Bank

6 pm 7/22: Range Steel v. Lions Club

6 pm 7/27: L3 v. W4

6 pm 7/28: W3 v. W5

6 pm 7/29: W6 v. L6 (if needed)

Minor League Playoff Schedule

6 pm 7/21: 2) Ortho Associates v. 3) Iron Range Tire TIED/CONT. 7/22

6 pm 7/22: Sammy's v. L2

6 pm 7/26: Komatsu v. W2

6 pm 7/27: L3 v. W4

6 pm 7/28: W3 v. W5

TBD: W6 v. L6 (if needed)

COVID-19 Information

Tykes, Transitions, Minor League, Little League & Iron Range Baseball League




Hibbing 12U, 13U & 15U teams to compete in Cloquet tourney July 23-25

Hibbing 12U took 2nd place at the Bennett Baseball Classic from July 10-11. They earned the #1 seed in their pool by beating G/N-K 15-0, beating MIB 10-0 and tying Proctor 6-6. They then lost to South Ridge 8-6 in the championship game.

Hibbing 13U took 2nd place in the Proctor Baseball Classic from June 25-27.



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