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2024 Bennett Baseball Classic Tournaments


  • 9U: June 14-16

  • 10U: June 14-16

  • 11U: July 13-14

  • 12U: July 26-28

  • 14/15A: June 21-23


Location: Bennett Park in Hibbing 


  • 9U-12U, $300 plus 1 ball per game
  • 14/15A, $450 plus 1 ball per game

Format: TBD; 4-game guarantee 

Registration Deadline: 

  • 9U & 10U = Friday, May 3
  • 11U = Friday, June 14
  • 12U = Friday, June 28
  • 14/15A = Friday, May 24

To register, contact Tony Potter (218) 969-3488 or

9U-12U Tournament Rules

1. Teams are responsible for 1 game ball per game. 

2. Field Dimensions are 46-foot mound and 60-foot bases.  

3. The birth date cutoff for all divisions is Jan. 1. A player may not turn the age older than the division their team is playing on prior to Jan. 1.

4. Continuous batting order with free substitutions. No exceptions. 

5. You can’t leave a base when running until the ball crosses the front of the plate. 1 team warning per game, after that it will result in an out. 

6. You can only slide headfirst when retreating to a base. 

7. Bats must be USA or USSSA certified, the barrel must not be larger than 2 3/4" and they may not be more than 33" long.

8. Dropped 3rd strike rule applies for 12U divisions ONLY.  

9. All pitches are legal: curve, knuckle, fastball etc. 

10. Each player is allowed to pitch in a maximum of 6 innings per day and 8 innings for the tournament – 1 pitch constitutes an inning. 

11. Once a pitcher is removed, he/she cannot pitch again in the same game.  

12. Courtesy runner rule for catcher: with 2 outs, if the catcher is on base, the last recorded out may take the catcher's spot on the bases. The catcher is then to start gearing up. 

13. 6 inning games. No new inning may start after 1 hour 45 min in pool play. No extra innings in pool play.  Bracket play will be 6 innings with extra innings if needed with no time restrictions. 

14. 15-run rule after 3 innings. 10-run rule after 4. 

15. Infield fly rule is in effect. 

16. No infield practice before games. 

17. No batting practice on fields with baseballs. We have 1 cage, please be courteous to other  teams. 

18. If a game ends early and both teams are present and prepared to start, the next game may begin early. 

19. All umpire decisions are final. Absolutely no arguing with umps! Only the head coach may discuss a rules question with the ump. 

20. Coin flip will determine home team for all pool play games.  

21. For bracket play, the home team will be decided by the following tie breaker: win and loss record, runs allowed, coin flip 

22. 1 trip to the mound per inning, 2nd trip requires a new pitcher. 

23. Proof of age must be available 

24. 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss in pool play. 

25. Tie breaker for pool play standings: Head-to-head, runs allowed, coin flip 

26. Tournament Director reserves the right to shorten or otherwise alter games in the event of rain or other unexpected delays. 

27. All other rules will follow Little League rules.