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Please download the Sportsengine app from your app store.

We are working hard to have all the rosters and schedules put onto the website and app!


Little League Coaches:

The schedules are here on the website! With the schedules out, you should be able to start your concession schedules! It's very simple to just plug a family in each game spot and if they cannot do it THEY need to find a replacement for their time. Each family should have at least 1 slot and the younger kids parents will do 2 if open spots after all have done 1. Please do not have sign up sheets as that does not work I have found in the past. I WANT ALL CONCESSION SCHEDULES BY MAY 29TH to my concession stand so I can have them posted in the stand. This way everyone who is in there knows who is coming in to replace them and I know we have it covered! Each team has a Volunteer for each game! They need to be there 15 min before their game time to get trained in as to what to do.

Please and thank you!! Makes the concession run smoother! Looking forward to a fun season!!


Parents :  Please check the Facebook page for the most up to date cancellations. Often when cancellations happen we are out working at one of the fields working and do not have access to post it on the web site, but we can get it posted on the Facebook page.



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